There are 13 clubs in the Enfield League.  Most play within the Borough's boundaries and a small number have their playing premises in Barnet and North London - they are all within easy reach of Enfield Town.  Clubs play in church and school halls, sports centres and in the one purpose-built Badminton hall in the area, the Drill Hall in Old Park Avenue, Enfield.  The majority of clubs have only one court and the average membership of a club is 15 to 20 players.  Clubs usually meet on one evening a week, a 'Club Night', on which all members can play socially.  In addition, all clubs which are members of the League also take part in competitive matches against other clubs - these can be Mixed Doubles, Mens Doubles and Ladies Doubles.  There were over 80 matches played in the League during 2017-2018.  The Badminton season runs from September to April but some clubs play all year round.  As facilities are restricted, clubs themselves are not usually able to provide coaching but all players improve considerably by playing regularly.  People are often concerned about joining a club because they feel they are not 'experienced' enough to play the sport competitively.  Although it can be very helpful to attend a coaching course there is no substitute for actually playing the game and the best place to do this is within a club.  The standard of play does vary from club to club and it is well worth attending a club as a visitor to actually see for yourself how strong the players are.  Don't forget that everyone who plays a sport has had to start somewhere.

If you are interested in joining a club:

Look through the list of clubs on the Badminton clubs page of this site.

It will tell you:

-  where they play

-  when they hold their club nights (these will be in the evening unless it states otherwise)

-  the name and contact details of the Club Secretary

Have a look at the structure of the League on the League competitions page. This will give you an idea of the strength of the club.  Those clubs in the first Divisions will be the strongest with some players being at or near 'County' standard.  This does not mean that all the players in a particular club will be of this standard.  The clubs in the League encompass a very wide range of abilities and many people join Badminton clubs to play the game socially rather than competitively.

Phone or e-mail the Club Secretary.  The contact details of all the Club Secretaries are on the 'Badminton clubs' page.  They will be able to let you know whether the club still has vacancies, what the playing standard is and how much the subscription is (Badminton is one of the cheapest sports to play).  If you are interested in joining, they will probably suggest that you attend the club as visitor so that you can meet and play with the other members.

If you have any questions about playing Badminton please e-mail
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